The Universal Robotics Challenge is designed to foster an interest and passion for robotics, bringing together kids from across the world to compete using robots they create and program themselves. This year's competition features two divisions held exclusively online.
★ All competitions use the ArtecRobo platform and Artec Blocks.

What's the Universal Robotics Challenge?

The Universal Robotics Challenge is an international robotics competition for elementary and junior high school students. This year's competition is split into three divisions, allowing any student to compete regardless of skill level, deepening children's interest in robotics and technology as they share knowledge and work to take on challenges.
In order to establish an even playing field for all participants, the ArtecRobo and ArtecRobo 2.0 educational robotics platforms, used in elementary and junior high schools across the world, are used as the official robotics materials for the Universal Robotics Challenge. Each competition may have specific restrictions on which robot parts may or may not be used. Be sure to read the rulebook for your competition before registering.


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